Losing your mojo? Try this

Once upon a time, two wood-cutters — Jim and Ruby argued about who was most effective at cutting woods, they decided to go on a competition for a day to see the one who cuts the most wood. They both set out immediately in the morning, cutting as fast as they could.

By noon, Ruby took a break and stopped cutting, Jim saw this and thought to himself “What a lazy Ruby, he is taking a break. He has given me a chance to get ahead of him”

After a while, Ruby got back to work to continue cutting. As they continued Ruby chopped more trees with less effort compared to hardworking and hungry Jim and By sunset, Ruby had taken the lead.

At the end of the day, Jim got curious. “You spent a lesser amount of time chopping, how come you chopped more woods than I did?”.

Jim replied, “Oh! did you think I took a break? Well dear friend I was sharpening my axe. You see I have learnt that I spend less time and effort when I chop with a sharpened axe”. And that ended the conversation.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe — Abraham Lincoln

Sharpening is relative, It’s any activity that gets you refreshed, it could be acquiring new knowledge, revisiting your vision, doing some deep thinking, attending seminars, reading old journals etc. basically anything that boosts your efficacy and power.

There is so much energy and motivation when we venture into new things. New job, new team, new business, new school, new environment etc. The beginning comes with a kind of energy that makes you want to change the world, you’re pumped and excited, bubbling with plans.

A few moment/years down the line and you start to struggle with getting things done effectively, taking more energy to get fewer things done and this is a normal occurrence in all sphere of life.

Sometimes it could be that you are caught in the web of getting things done fast, that you almost lose your energy or motivation, other times it’s a distraction that makes you lose touch with the very essence of your purpose and all this leads to a downward spiral which then gives room for stress and inevitably low outcome.

Don’t forget it's all tied to the dip in energy and motivation.

So what should you do to get out of this cycle of starting high and finishing low, it's simple.

Hit Refresh! We hit refresh when our internet or browsers begins to slow down, why not do same in all sphere of your life.



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