You own your career

A friend worked in a Telecommunication company for 4 years as customer service representative before the company outsourced that department to another company. It’s been 4 years now, this friend is still struggling to get a meaningful job to sustain himself and his family.

Why did your employer hire you? Or why will your potential employer hire you?

It is safe to write that companies don’t hire or fire people, but they hire and fire skills. Employers don’t really look out for a kind of person that fits a job, they look for skills that adds value to their organization, it just happens that these skills are inherent in humans.

The level of your relevance in whatever organization you find yourself is directly dependent on how valuable your skills are to that organization. Sometimes talents find themselves in organizations that don’t appreciate and compensate them well for their skills but sooner or later those kind of talents gets compensated with better offers.

To stay relevant, it is pertinent that we keep learning, picking up new skills especially in the software industry where growth is fast paced. Most of us rely on the companies we work for to buy us books, subscribe to online learning platforms for us, send us to training and conferences, but what if they don’t. Would that be the only way to learn anything new?

Does that means companies should not invest in their own people? No, you shouldn’t see it as a company’s obligation to advance in your career. You own your career, it’s your product, you should take responsibility for improvement.

The relevance of a skill set is dynamic, some skill-sets that were once hot cake are now obsolete, making the humans that have these skill set unemployable, or of less value in the market. With the rise of AI and automation more skills will become obsolete, more people will no longer be relevant to their companies.

The software development industry moves faster than any other industry. Languages, frameworks, practices and processes are all constantly evolving. Keep up to date and constantly get better at what you do to stay relevant and be successful in your career.



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