Your circle of friends is your compass to growth

It has been observed that when two women live in the same environment, their menstrual cycle over a period of time synchronizes.

About a decade ago, I introduce a very good friend of mine to one of the prominent IT Experts and an achiever at that time, my friend who understood the power of association developed a very good relationship with this guy. In less than four years, he was already on top of his game, an influence and a mentor.

He is seen as being proud or someone who neglected his close allies when the hustle was real. But the bitter truth and plain truth is that he no longer think the same way with all of us in his circle, he has grown to align his thoughts with the circle of those he chose to roll with, he was very intentional about his life goals.

People get bitter when their close friends or partners (in what ever form) no longer relates with them, especially when things are working out for that friend. “We started together, but he’s no longer associating with us because he is a big boy now” is common among us. We fail to realize that we pally with those who we find to align our thoughts with.

One of the characters of successful people is that they are very intentional about the association they keep, they are not careless about who they relate with or who they let into their inner circle, they understand that the company you keep will determine to a large extent how far you go. Social media network was designed this way, your timeline is fed by those you follow.

“Be wary of the company you keep for they are a reflection of who you are, or who you want to be” — Kenneth G. Ortiz

Its one thing to be in contact with successful personality in your space,its another thing to be in their circle, I bet that if you choose to relate with those ahead of you (rather than crush on them), observing them, thinking like them, acting like them , letting their definition of success inform what you should settle for, you will be positioning yourself for success and in no time you will be as successful as they are. If you want be successful in business, startup or software development, spend time with successful businessmen, founders and developers respectively.

“A man only learns in two ways: one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.” — Will Rogers

I still have a good relationship with my friend and I have also learnt the power of association, its never too late to start building the right circle . Whatever you choose to do, just make sure there’s an exchange of value .



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